Stewardship is a spiritual practice of financial giving and includes the way we responsibly manage all that God has given us: our time, our talents, and our treasure. At the heart of stewardship is gratitude—gratitude to God for all of creation and, specifically, the gifts we have received from God.

Stewardship is also a lifelong process, not something that is solely restricted to pledge campaigns or certain times of the year. Practically speaking, stewardship encompasses annual pledging, various and occasional monetary gifts, and the offering of talents and labor to the ministry of the parish.

As faithful Christians, in all that we do and with all that we have, we seek to be good stewards of our gifts, talents, and treasure. The Stewardship Commission is responsible for communicating and securing the spiritual and financial commitments of our parish family, which happen through education and events, and through our annual pledge campaign each fall.  It is recommended that you use either the on-line or hard copy pledge forms for your annual pledge. The Donate ( Pay Pal) button on this web site is intended for other financial support.

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View the stewardship video to learn about the different ways the people of St. Peter’s use their gifts and talents to Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory!