The Endowment Commission seeks to secure the financial health of St. Peter’s Church in the Great Valley so that the beauty of our campus, the richness of our worship and the mission that we share as a Christian community can be passed on to future generations.

The existence of an endowment at St. Peter’s is proof that we are thinking about the future, and that we intend for St. Peter’s to thrive for generations to come. This sense of institutional permanence is very important to our survival as a community of faith and is our communal way of leaving a legacy.

The Endowment Commission sets a prudent spending rate, considering factors such as inflation, fees, and market conditions. The Commission then informs the Vestry of its decision regarding the spending rate, thereby establishing the funds available in the coming year. The Endowment provides a way of using our capital assets to perpetuate our values well into the future.

Contributions to the Endowment may be given in the form of will bequests by adding a phrase to one’s will, retirement plan beneficiaries, charitable trusts, charitable gift annuities, life insurance policies, or outright gifts of cash, tangible personal property, readily marketable securities and real estate. On occasion, certain questions of gifts to the parish may arise, and these will be referred to the Gift Review Committee prior to acceptance.

The Endowment Commission is happy to be of assistance in efforts to meet personal objectives that an Endowment gift can accomplish, such as

  • establishing a living memorial for your family or for a loved one;
  • fulfilling a personal life mission;
  • creating permanence in an uncertain world;
  • gathering family and friend’s participation in honoring an individual;
  • guaranteeing the funding of a staff position or program;
  • providing long-term maintenance for our buildings and grounds.

You may contact the Endowment Commission for more information or to arrange a gift.