Our grounds and buildings, rich in history, sit atop a hill at 2475 St. Peter’s Road in Malvern, on the southern edge of Echo Lake. The cemetery and Historic Church date as far back as the pre-Revolutionary War era. Any day of the week the 16-acre property is enjoyed by nature lovers, history buffs, dog walkers, joggers, parents strolling their children, and those seeking the quiet contemplation of our labyrinth.

We invite you to enjoy our historic property in any of the following ways:

Wander the cemetery and Historic Church

  • St. Peter’s Church in the Great Valley is on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • The cemetery includes close to 400 burials dating from as early as 1737. It is also believed that there are anonymous burials of both Continental and British casualties of the 1777 Battle of Paoli.
  • The Historic Church was finished in 1744 with three major additions completed in 1856, 1901, and 1989. This colonial-era building offers an intimate, contemplative setting with its simple box pews and whitewashed walls. An archive room that contains rare documents and maps which detail the history of the church and settlement of the Great Valley, is located in the upper level.
  • To learn more, check out history details or view a recorded presentation by a long-time parishioner and history teacher on YouTube.
  • To receive a personalized tour given by our resident history buff or learn more about the contents in the archive room, please contact parishadministrator@stpetersgv.org for details and appointments.
  • Please email events@stpetersgv.org to inquire about using the  Parish Hall for a community activity.  A kitchen is available for use by an external caterer for  food serving but not cooking.

The Bank Barn, a church and event venue

Built by Amish craftsmen and completed in 2005, the exposed wood beam, Welsh-style Bank Barn is not only home to Sunday worship services and other church-related functions but it is also a beautiful event venue for hosting catered receptions. The space can be used for company meetings and as an audio recording studio due to its fine acoustics. Email events@stpetersgv.org to inquire about renting the Bank Barn for a wedding, corporate or private event.

Parish House

Completed in 1962, the Parish House is home to clergy and staff offices, and St. Peter’s Preschool (learn more at http://stpgvpreschool.stpetersgv.org).

Walk our grounds

We are nestled between the nature trails of the Cedar Hollow Preserve, Valley Stream Creek Preserve, and the paved walking paths of our neighbors – Atwater Village and Echo Lake. Many people traverse our driveways and grassy hill while enjoying these areas, or make it a destination as a place to sit outdoors and take in the beauty of the natural surroundings.


Labyrinths are often used for inner-directed contemplation or for outwardly-directed appreciation of nature’s beauty and the surrounding landscape. Walk the labyrinth by day or night, in sun or rain, or whenever you need its sedate pace. It is located at the southeast corner of the property, behind the Bank Barn. Organized events at the labyrinth are typically held around World Labyrinth Day – a day in May to promote peace – or on the summer solstice in June. Read more about the St. Peter’s labyrinth.