Coming Fall 2021:
Sacred Ground – A Faith-based Way of Conversing about Race

About Sacred Ground
Members of St. Peter’s Church in the Great Valley and St. David’s Church, Radnor, have the opportunity this fall to explore racial challenges in conversation with each other, using Sacred Ground, a ten-part dialogue about race. The series was developed by our national church as part of “Becoming Beloved Community,” its long-term commitment to racial healing, reconciliation, and justice in our personal lives, ministries, and society. To achieve its goal of helping White people talk about race with each other, the series draws upon documentary films and readings, all available online, which focus on Indigenous, Black, Latino, and Asian/Pacific American histories and their intersection with European American histories.
For more details about the series, please visit the website of the Episcopal Church, where you will also find a video message from the Presiding Bishop about the significance of this program.

Small Group Format
Each session invites groups of between eight and twelve participants to explore—all the while remaining grounded in our call as Episcopalians to faith, hope, and love—how the intersection of those histories has, over time, contributed to today’s challenges and divides. Each group will be comprised of members of both historic colonial churches and facilitated by a pair of table leaders, one from each parish.

The series begins and ends with a service for all participants; the opening service is slated for September 19 at St. Peter’s, and the final one for February 27 at St. David’s. Between those dates, the groups will meet every two weeks from late September until the beginning of Lent, except for a break during Advent and Christmastide.

To help the leadership team gauge parishioner interest and availability, please complete a short survey if you think you would like to participate in this conversation. Your responses will help the team determine how many virtual and in-person groups to plan for and which time slots are most appealing. Completing the survey does not commit you to signing up for a time or day; sign-ups will come later this summer after survey responses have been reviewed.
Link to survey:

If you have questions about Sacred Ground, please contact the rector ( or Trudi Graves (

The Adult Inquirers Class

The Adult Inquirers Class meets periodically, as announced, to provide an opportunity to learn more about the Episcopal Church and Anglicanism. This class is intended for those who desire Confirmation, Reception into the Episcopal Church from another denomination, Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows, or simply a chance to go deeper in one’s knowledge of God and the Church. For more information, please contact The Rev. Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt.

The Lenten Evening Series

This series consists of five Wednesday evening formational offerings, beginning with a soup supper, followed by a presentation and discussion. For more information, please contact