Through grants and special projects we reach out to people in our backyard and beyond with small, timely missions.

We have supported:  TE Cares, Alianzas de Phoenixville, Band Seed, Boy Scouts, Episcopal Relief and Development, Episcopal Community Services, Hand in Hand Ministries (Belize), One Run Together, Paws with a Cause, The Red Cross, Rise Against Hunger, Syrian Relief, Navajo COVID relief, Thorncroft Equestrian Center, Services for the Blind, Church Farm School and more.

Grants: Parishioners who are personally involved in a new project can submit a request to the Outreach Commission for assistance in funding a project. This request should explain the purpose of the activity and how it relates to the mission of the Church/Commission. The person submitting the request ideally brings the request directly to a meeting of the Commission to highlight the activity.

At the conclusion of the activity, the recipient should send a note to the Outreach Commission highlighting the results of this activity. Ideally, this note would also include a photo so that the positive impact can be shared with the wider congregation. 

Alternative Christmas: Instead of giving tangible gifts to friends and/or family, parishioners choose to donate to a specific ministry. Participating also provides a chance to learn about the  regular ministries at the gift tables. Visit Outreach to see a list of organizations we support at Christmas.

Gifting Tree: Parishioners enjoy purchasing requested gifts for children and adults receiving services from Episcopal Community Services, Church Housing Corp., Community Youth and Women’s Alliance, the St. James School,  and other designated organizations. 

Special events: Activities have included participating in a run/walk to support St. James School, collections of coats and school supplies, and hosting a summer camp day.

To learn more about the mission of the Outreach Commission, to volunteer or to discuss a new idea you may have for a ministry opportunity, please contact