A labyrinth may look like a maze, but it is just one path.

The path winds in all directions; two or more people walking the labyrinth at the same time will repeatedly encounter one another, be separated for a time, and come together again. Everyone who follows the path to its center meets in the same place.

The labyrinth at St. Peter’s welcomes all! Use the time and space for inwardly directed contemplation or for outwardly directed appreciation of the beauty of St. Peter’s grounds; listen to the crunch of your feet on the gravel, the calls of birds in the nearby woods, the faint buzzing of our busy beehives, your own thoughts, or the voice of God in your soul. Walk the labyrinth by day or night, in sun or in rain, whenever you need its sedate pace and the necessity of its single route to its heart.

Children are encouraged to walk the labyrinth; our Sunday school children and youth use the labyrinth as part of their learning throughout the year. We do ask that children be supervised as they walk; the rocks and bricks of its construction can be, in another setting, fun elements of play, but play is not the purpose of this special place.