St. Peter's Church in the Great Valley

2018 Online Pledge

Thank you for pledging to St. Peter's. Your pledge is strictly confidential. Only the Parish Treasurer sees your pledge when you submit it on-line.

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(Those selecting Credit Card will be contacted by the church office for information. Those selecting stock transfer will receive additional information via mail. Those selecting Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) should consult with their tax advisor.)

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I/we understand that this pledge is a promise to support St. Peter’s, but if my/our financial circumstances change substantially, I/we understand that the pledge amount may be reduced or increased by notifying the church office.

Thank you for your generous pledge to St. Peter’s in the Great Valley

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If you would like to contact the Parish Treasurer:

By Email: (click to email directly)

By Phone: 610-644-2261 (the Parish Office will take your contact information)

Additional questions about stewardship can be answered by Holly Hardester.