The Needlework (a/k/a Prayer Shawl) Ministry volunteer crafters
meet on the first Saturday of each month in the Parish Hall from 10:00 am until noon.

We knit, crochet, sew, pray, and enjoy fellowship with one another.  We take turns bringing soup, bread, dessert and drinks for lunch afterwards. Our goal is to bring smiles to others.

Come and bring a friend! Stay Connected by liking our Facebook page and get crafting tips too.

Twice a year we have a special friend Open House and start early at 9:30 with 30 minutes of fellowship and a continental breakfast. An Open House/ new  Friend Day  is to create a special welcome for anyone interested in our activities. We can teach someone how to knit that day too! Please RSVP to the parish office if you plan to attend so that we will have supplies and food for you.

Those In Need
Men, children and women knit and crochet.  Members of St. Peter’s and our guests create
shawls and lap blankets
christening blankets
chemo and baby hats
school scarves
pocket prayer squares.

Our creations have been sent around the world. Locally, the scarves in school colors adorn the students at the St. James School, and the majority of caps are distributed through the knitting group at Chester County Hospital. You can find the shawls/lap blankets and chemo caps on a shelf in the closet of each building.

Historically, the prayer shawl was used by the Jewish people as a symbol of their connection to God and as a reminder of their duty to uphold the commandments. The Bible contains numerous references to its use. The Jewish prayer shawl continues to be a significant part of rituals and is worn at births, deaths, weddings, and other celebratory events. It is believed to bring the recipient in touch physically and spiritually with the presence of God. It is through Jesus Christ that this heritage has become part of Christianity.

The completed shawls and chemo caps are located on the top shelf in the closet of the Barn and, in the historic Church, near the main foyer. We encourage you to take one for someone who needs it. All that we ask is that you record this gift in the notebook (also located there). If you wish to support the purchase of supplies, you can provide a financial gift too, but this is not expected.

We appreciate receiving the grateful notes from those who have requested or received one of our creations and read these messages at our monthly meetings.

 Contact Information

We invite anyone to join us, even those who don’t yet know a knit from a purl. We welcome your questions. Contact Betsy Church or or Brenda Grove at