Just as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so faith apart from works is dead.

St. Peter’s Church in the Great Valley is a vibrant parish where everyone of any age or ability can find a way to grow in faith and to express that faith through action. A few  of the many opportunities we provide for spiritual growth, support and fellowship  are highlighted on the sub-pages of Pastoral Care, Needlework Ministry, Women on the Hill, Gathering of Men and St. Peter’s Players.

The life and mission of St. Peter’s is the responsibility of the Rector and the Vestry, who have established Commissions that focusing on the diverse aspects of that mission. Working through each Commission are Committees which focus in greater detail on that Commission’s work.

We urge you to become acquainted with our parish organizations, and their role in spreading God’s love through our Lord Jesus Christ to the wider community. We ask you to consider how you can become involved in the life of this parish. Please feel welcome to contact any of the Commission chairs for more information, or to express your interest in participating in some of these service opportunities. Read on, then explore further  to discern where your gifts and desires intersect with the work of living out our faith here at St. Peter’s Church:

  • Christian Formation Commission – ……… Vestry Liaison and Acting Chair (christianed@stpetersgv.org)
    • Adult Formation – Melissa Shaner, Coordinator
    • Adult Inquirers – Rev. Abigail Nestlehutt
    • Children’s Christian Formation – Holly Hardester, Coordinator
    • Children’s Chapel – Dan Houston,  Leader
    • Nursery care – ……….., Coordinator
    • Youth Confirmation – Rev. Dr. Kyle Babin
    • Youth Programming – Deby Harrison, stpetersyouth51@gmail.com
  • Communications Commission – Steve Ockenden, Chair (beacon@stpetersgv.org)
    • The Beacon, Monthly (print) newsletter  (Trudi Graves)
    • Keynotes, our weekly e-bulletin (Steve Ockenden)
    • Social Media – Web ( Brenda Grove); Facebook (Melissa Shaner)  https://www.facebook.com/stpetersgv/ 
  • Marketing Commission – Linda Holden, Chair
    • Events   (Space rental) a/k/a Highpoint , Gail Malcolm, Coordinator

Finance and Endowment

  • Endowment Commission – Tom Helm. Chair
  • Finance Commission –  Joe  Herbst
    • Treasurer for Parish-  Peter Kreek
  • Fellowship Commission – Jason Hacker, Chair
    • More Than Coffee – Gail Guthridge
    • Newcomers’ Ministry – Terry Michael and Paige Infortuna, Leads
    • Gathering of Men – Cliff Castle
    • Open Me Up – Martin McElroy
    • Women on the Hill – Marsha Wirtel
    • St. Peters Players, John Orr
  • Outreach Commission – Brenda Grove, Chair
    • St. James School in Philadelphia (Brenda Grove)
    • Chester Children’s Chorus ( Kate Mallon-Day)
    • The Clinic in Phoenixville ( Linda Huggler)
    • Food Ministry ( Eileen Klein)
    • Good Works, Inc. (Randy Klein)
    • Church Housing ( Helen Ockenden)
    • Special Projects, Events and Grants (Gail Guthridge or Brenda Grove)
  • Pastoral Care Commission – Mary Ann Tatum, Chair
    Meals ; Transportation; Cards & Sermons

    • Weekly Prayer group meeting
    • Pastoral Visits ; Eucharistic Visitors
    • New Member Ministry (Terry Michael)
    • Needlework (Prayer Shawl) Ministry (Brenda Grove)
  • Preschool Stacy Warkentine, Preschool Director
  • Stewardship Commission – Holly Hardester, Chair
  • Property Commission – Dave Tatum, Chair
    • Beekeepers – Queenie Northrup
    • Churchyard Committee – Mary Ann Tatum, Chair
    • Shepherds – Susan Dovey, Head Shepherd
    • Bad Boys ( and Girls) for Jesus (property) – Dave Tatum
  • Worship Commission – Susy Baum, Chair
    • Acolytes Ministry – Jennifer Lawrence, Coordinator
    • Altar Guild –  Mary Lou Unruh
    • Communion Bread Bakers – Eileen Klein
    • Eucharistic Ministers – Rip Tilden
    • Flower Guild – Mary Lou Dunn, Lead, Susy Baum, Linda Huggler
    • Greeters – Mary Ann Tatum
    • Labryinth – Holly Hardester
    • Music  and Choirs- Dr. Bruce Glenny
      • Childrens Choir – Ryan Battin
      • Handbell – Bruce Glenny
    • Presenters, Intercessors, Readers, Vergers – Mary Ann Tatum
    • Sound Technicians – Dixie Northrup
    • Ushers (8:00 – Mary Ann Tatum; (9:00 – Mark Carkuff); (11:15 – Ross Unruh)

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