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The Outreach Commission responds to our baptismal covenant[1] to love our neighbor as ourselves by serving the needs of various communities beyond St. Peters in the Great Valley (SPGV) through three primary actions:
 — Determining the fit between communities’ needs and SPGV’s resources (time, talent, treasure)
— Organizing and executing our response
— Communicating to parishioners, listening to their ideas and feedback, and engaging them in  Outreach activities

As members of St. Peter’s Church in the Great Valley, we are fortunate to have opportunities to make a difference in the life of the Church, our community, and communities around the world. We will go forth in the name of Christ as caring,  and compassionate laborers, with a commitment to intentionally increase the sharing of our gifts of time, talent and treasure.

Commission members act as liaisons to each ministry and are listed with that activity. We invite you to support and become involved with  these primary ministries focusing  on housing, health, education and food.


We are busy in December coordinating the Gifting Tree  for gifts for those less fortunate. his year, nearly 80 gifts were gathered and given to residents for Church Housing and grade school children in Philadelphia who attend an ECS after school program.

Additionally, we have hosted an amazing concert with the Chester Children’s Chorus.

St. Peters Food Outreach Ministry
Enthusiastic parishioners, facilitated by Eileen Klein, reach those who are food insecure in the surrounding area.
Activities include preparing & serving community meals  and packing food supplies. The locations, days and times vary to accommodate parishoner availability.We are exploring adding additional ministries including
1-A one day event of packing food packs.
2-Interfaith Hospitality Network Mainline in collaboration with St. David’s Episcopal Church

Upcoming Activities/Needs:

YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE  DIRECTLY TO OUR MINISTRIES BY PARTICIPATING IN ALTERNATIVE CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A GIFT CARD TO SHARE WITH SOMEONE ON YOUR GIFT LIST.  The easiest way to do this is by stopping by our display tables for the first two weeks in December where you can also meet those directly involved with these activities.

If you didn’t make it by our tables, please OPEN THE PAGE UNDER OUTREACH  FOR THE MINISTRY WHERE YOU WISH TO CONTRIBUTE AND DONATE THROUGH PAYPAL This is the first time we are trying to do this, so it may be a bit cumbersome to donate by page individually. but hopefully more meaningful and easier than fighting the crowd to shop elsewhere.  The church will receive confirmation from Paypal to  record your donation to be included in your  yearly giving.  We also will have extra gift cards available for you to pick up at the church office.


Chester Children’s Chorus – Offers talented children from Chester, PA, the opportunity to develop their musical gifts, expand their intellectual horizons, and strengthen their life skills.  Performances will be held the week of July 25th at Swarthmore college and at St. Peters Church in mid-Novemenber.

St. James School – An Episcopal school in the Allegheny West neighborhood of North Philadelphia, educating under-resourced children in 5th to 8th grades and supporting them through high school and beyond. ( Our volunteers provide backpacks, tutoring, school scarves and caps & yard work)  Read more ..
SJS Fun 5k Run had a team of 20 from St Peters in 2016 !


Church Housing Corp. – Provides low-income housing to the elderly and those with special needs in Chester and Delaware counties.
(Parishoners serve on the Board and provide prayer shawls and Christmas gifts.) They provide a lending library for residents and we are collecting books for them in the Fall.

Good Works – Works  with a team directly on homes in need of repair in the local area. We have worked with this group for fifteen years.   Parishoners typically work on one home over multiple visits allowing them to get to know the homeowner.  Many of the volunteers have been working with this group since we began our partnership. More volunteers are needed to commit to helping on at least one monthly work day on a Saturday.


The Clinic – Providing medical care in Phoenixville for the un- or under-insured.
(Parishoners collect and provide  bags of basic medial supplies and food.)

Special Projects, Events and Grant Requests– Reaching out with small, timely missions.

— Grants: Parishioners who are personally involved in a new project can submit funding grant requests to the commission.
— Special events: Activities have included a fun run to support St. James School, collections of coats and school supplies, and hosting a camp day.
— Alternative Christmas: Parishoners choose to donate to a specific ministry and are given a gift card to share this gift instead of giving a tangible gift.
— Gifting Tree: Parishoners enjoy purchasing requested gifts for children and adults receiving services from ECS,Church Housing Corp, Home of the Sparrow

Also note that Parish youth have been active in other ways. They have raised funds for Heifer International and will be traveling to serve on a mission trip in 2017.To learn more about the mission of the Outreach Commission, to volunteer or to discuss a new idea you may have for a ministry opportunity, please contact one of our members or the Commission  Co-chair, Brenda Grove @brendabgrove@gmail.com. 


Food Outreach Ministry                 Contact: Eileen Klein
Church Housing Corp.                      Contact:  Helen Ockenden
Good Works Inc.                                  Contact: Randy Klein
Chester Childrens Chorus               Contact: Kate Mallon Day
The St. James School                        Contact: Brenda Grove
The Clinic                                              Contact: Linda Huggler

Camp Get Along                                 Contact: Gail Guthridge
— The Christmas Gifting Tree             Contact: Brenda Grove
Alternative Christmas                       Contact: Gail Guthridge
Blood Drive
Gesundheit and Protein Bags

[1] Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. (Matthew 22:36-40 King James Version – Jesus’ answer to one of the Pharisees and a part of our baptismal covenant)