Event Time

This is a wonderful weekend of fellowship, good food, laughter and reflection. We hope you can join us for our eight year of getting to know one another and easing our stresses. The weekend begins at a  quiet retreat center outside of West Chester on Friday night and ends Sunday morning.  The best way to participate in the full event is to be one of the 20 overnight guests but you can be a commuter. These two options result in two separate prices for the event. It is $200 for the full weekend ( 4 meals) or $90 ( 3 meals) if you commute. On Friday evening the participants bring munchies and beverages to share.

The theme for this weekend is based on the book Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.  Scholarships are available, as well as funds for  baby-sitting vouchers.

To sign up or to learn more about the event, please contact Lynn Mander (lsmander@gmail.com).



West Chester
United States